Once again I was approached by a young lady who had managed to buy her first flat in London (which was no mean feat) but was at a loss as how to make it feel like a home with such a limited budget left over, and yet still reflect her personal style.

On this occasion she had managed to acquire a few basic pieces of furniture such as the sofa, table and chairs, and a bed…..but that was it, and it therefore felt disjointed and a little like she was ‘making do’.
So once she had raided her penny jar and decided her maximum budget, I embarked on a detailed inventory of her requirements (or wish list!) and proceeded to squeeze those pennies to their maximum potential.
I raided markets and sales and used a number of cheeky little tricks I have developed to create maximum impact for minimum cost, and spread the budget carefully and appropriately.
The result was truly terrific, she was absolutely stunned at what impact could be achieved with such a relatively humble budget ……….oh and a little “fairy godmother magic” of course 😉


"From a dysfunctional and uninspiring space, we transformed this young lady's bland first home into a grand pied-a-terre that truly reflected her inner self.........oh yes and once again not a penny over her hard-earned budget!"
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