Cool Britannia

This stylish English couple and their family were relocating to New Hampshire, USA and had acquired a beautiful house in a stunning woodland area of Exeter.
However, it’s style did not befit their tastes or purpose so they flew me out there to help them re-design the dysfunctional spaces and furnish it from the UK to incorporate some of their existing furniture – not a mean feat as the deadline was immovable due to the shipping dates and the practicalities of liaising with their US builders meant that meticulous planning, surveys and scheduling were required.
The main living area had double-height ceilings and a full-height cladded fireplace, rendering a cold, cavernous and dated feel. Therefore, my main focus was to create a more intimate living room and incorporate their style, without compromising the architecture and location they were in.
Having helped them source a great team of local builders, and a classic well-proportioned sandstone fireplace, I returned to the UK to source and design the spaces.
Using ‘remedial’ design techniques to effectively lower the high ceiling I introduced a dramatic darker tone to the ceilings and design classic ‘George Nelson Cigar’ drop pendant lamps, which we also fitted to the hall stairwell for continuity.
The dining room was to be converted to the little girls’ playroom, an ‘Enchanted Garden’ with plenty of practical storage solutions and in keeping with a scheme that continued through their fairly ‘open plan’ ground floor

In addition, the office was being relocated to make way for a formal dining space, with the simple use of a classically English Cole & Son woodland paper, blending perfectly with the woodland surroundings but injecting their sense of style.

The remaining soft furnishings and furniture were designed to encapsulate their subtly quirky style – which centred around a fabulous ‘Ben Allen’ tiger picture to set the tone……………

                Cool Britannia’ had arrived!


"The challenge of working in the USA was being away from my usual contacts and support team, and working remotely from the site after the initial site planning trip."
Design & Sourcing